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By creating solutions that work, we’ve helped our clients take the next steps in growing their businesses, and helped them achieve success.
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Online Marketing - The Bronze Frog Gallery


enews graphic designThe redesign of the Bronze Frog Gallery E- news has given an updated look that stays consistent with the look of the website, a look of class and fine art – just what they offer. This consistency helps build a visual relationship with their clients to establish a presence that customers become familiar with. This familiarity results in client loyalty.


Switching from using an email such as outlook to a permission based news system has given the Bronze Frog Gallery the ability to build a database they can group into client types to better target niche markets, as well as track how many people are opening the email and what links they click through. This valuable information allows them to see what works, what doesn’t and how to improve their
sales efforts.


  1. An updated look to reflect the high quality of products

  2. A permission based email system

  3. A way to track the success of each email campaign


Branding - MGPS


MGPS was sporting a logo and website that dated the organization by 30 years. Their client base is high end therefore they needed to look up-to-date and proficient to provide a superior service. The new logo demonstrates how the organization is of sound managment, efficient, straightforward,  and well organized – everything their client type looks for when hiring a professional.


Once the new identity was established the same principles and design elements were introduced into the new website.



  1. A new identity with a strong presence,

  2. A website that displays their core beliefs and systems

  3. An organized site for easy navigation


Website Design - Beverly Hills Home Improvements


Concept development establishes a brand, an idea, a set of principles that are displayed to the public. The original website was nothing more than images put up on pages with out a flow or sales process that the browser can follow through to find what they are looking for. The existing tagline, along with a strong visual, has increased their awareness.



  1. Easy navigation

  2. Professional look to reflect the quality of their workmanship

  3. Tracking to analyze visitors and improve the website


Character Design - ABIC


ABIC, was character created to illustrate a variety of behaviours for a training manual. This character, whom we named ABIC, quickly finds people relating to it - you can't help but love ABIC.

ABIC, an acronym for A Behavioural Influenced Character made his debut in The LAB Profile Learning Manual. The LAB Profile Learning Manual originated as a free handout to course participants in a photo copied format. After creating the character to aid in the instruction, and designing the layout, the manual quickly became a product for our client and is now in its fourth printing.


  1. ABIC became an instrumental learning tool

  2. The LAB Profile Learning Manual became a profitable product

  3. The manual increased the credibility of the trainer