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What is a Mobile Website?


A mobile website is a miniature version of a full size website. It allows for easy access and a positive user experience on mobile devices such as your blackberry, ipad, iphone, smartphone etc.

FACT: Mobile usage of the Web is growing and evolving. Just as it did with websites the mobile user experience, is driven by mobile device technology.

FACT: There will be over 95.4 million mobile internet users in North America by the end of this year. Mobile commerce sales in the US in 2010 were $3.5 billion!

Consider these points:
Mobile devices are personal devices with small screens, always turned on, have intermittent slow connections and are mostly used when the user is — you guessed it — mobile.


What does this mean for the Small business Owner?
It means your website must be built and designed for easy access and navigation on mobile devices.

Without a mouse to point and click, mobile users have to rely on tiny keypads, trackballs and touch to navigate mobile websites. Add in the small screen with the need to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, and clear and intuitive navigation becomes crucial.


Mobile users are not captive like computer users are.
A user’s environment and situation while using a mobile device, include distractions, multitasking, motion, lighting conditions and poor connectivity.

Mobile user’s are usually doing one of the following:
Microtasking: Using the phone for quick communications and other short bursts of activity.
Searching: Finding out what’s going on in and around town.
Bored: Using the phone for distraction and entertainment.
Shopping: Quick access to making a purchase while on route.


Are you ready for the millions of mobile users?

For a quick, easy, inexpensive way to turn your website into a mobile website
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Be sure to try it on your hand held and full size computer.


Want to know which option is best for you?
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