The Art of Graphic Design

The skill of combining images, words, and colours into a visual message that influences the intended audience is – The Art of Graphic Design.

Although a well designed brochure or logo appears to be a casual effort on the part of the designer – it is rarely the case. Good design is the result of a process that includes a psychology and strong understanding of images, colours, typefaces and their relation to the product and consumer. Designers may also have to take into consideration any practical constraints of budgets or schedules the client may have on the project.

Graphic Design is influenced by trends in film, music, fashion, politics and any other part of life that changes through history.

In keeping current with a changing world a designer uses this awareness and knowledge to carry through a message from client to customer. To do a good job the designer will be familiar with all forms of graphic production and works closely with, photographers, writers, illustrators, and other professionals.

Essential qualities of a good designer, requires an aesthetic awareness, artistic flair and an on going development of visual awareness. In today’s world, new technology has given designers more tools to work with in a faster environment, but will never replace the process of understanding and creating good design.

the Art of Graphic Design