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Using the traditional advertising model AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action), are key in any your advertising efforts.Next time you are drawn to an ad and find yourself wanting to know more and even looking them up on the internet (or better yet going to their place of business), ask yourself how it followed the AIDA model.


These principles are the beginning steps for an developing effective brochure. Just like advertising, your brochure should scream for attention and play on the emotions of the customer. Big headlines and strong visuals to get your point across will create an interest and move the potential customer to the next step – desire.


What do words and images communicate?
Remember the saying: “a picture speaks a thousand words.” 
If your photographs are poor quality it will be a reflection of your product or service.


This is where good wording comes in.
Influential words describing the benefits and features of your product or service will develop the desire of want or need. Would you like a coffee or a gourmet coffee? The words in your brochure are selling for you when you are not there, so don’t leave anything unanswered.


The next important step is the call to action
Tell them what to do. Should they call, go to your website or visit the store?
Remember, the cost of printing will be the same with a bad design that does absolutely nothing, as the cost will be for a good design that will bring results.


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  • You can only sell to your intended audience.
  • You can’t give a cat away for Free if the person doesn’t like cats.
  • And you can’t sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo.

Make sure your brochure arrives in front of the right audience.

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