Advertising in a Recession
Budget advertising that works

In a time where budgets are tight and sales are important, we need to keep in mind the power and efficiency of advertising.

A good combination of well-designed advertising, and a couple of DIY ideas to generate new business will inspire people to do business with YOU.

Here are some cost-saving tips:

  1. Start an enews promotion. A enews promotion is an inexpensive and effective way to reach a large audience with sales and what’s new information while creating a valuable network of customers very quickly. A well thought out designed enews or promotion will keep you in touch with a growing contact base while guiding them to taking the next step in the sales process: contacting you.
  2. Split the cost. Find another company that would also like to advertise and work together. Two projects printed at the same time – can save you hundreds. Go a step further and join with complementary companies to develop a concept or theme that will cross-sell and benefit both – such as home renovations or everything for women.
  3. Develop a concept. Developing a concept for your advertising builds stronger branding and consumer loyalty. Once a concept is created, it takes much less design time to transfer the artwork from one format to another – print to web.
  4. Run a sweepstakes. When a couple of companies partner in a sweepstakes and split the cost an Online Sweepstakes, it will generate sales, increase your data base and create excitement about your company for a lot less than you think.
  5. Black and white. Designers know how to develop an effective advertisement in black and white (or one colour), and keep it alive while saving you money on the cost of ink. While everyone is clamoring and shouting for attention give this a try: stand out among all the colour flyers by going opposite.
  6. Think outside the box. In the summer/winter of 2009, The Graphic Attic handed out plants to local businesses, generating a positive response that not only generated sales, but also made our presence known in the community. This creative tactic generated a lot of buzz, but didn’t break the bank.
  7. Donate. Get your name out there as a company that cares about its community. Donate prizes and become sponsors for local charities and events. It really works – people do notice.
  8. Social Media.  Be apart of the most popular social sites that can generate a lot of buzz. Facebook, twitter, Linked-in and Business in Burlington will get you connected immediately.

Advertising can still be effective when done on a budget.
Talk to us about solutions and plans that are right for your company.
Our heads are full of unique and creative ideas.

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