Use direct mail marketing to drive online traffic

Online marketing and Social Media Marketing has become a prominent force in the marketing world. Traditional methods of marketing and advertising are still an effective way of spreading your message, but you do need to adapt your traditional methods to reflect current trends.

Using direct mail to drive online traffic is a great way to take advantage of the established techniques a traditional method can offer. Because direct mail marketing can be targeted to consumers with known purchase histories or who fit into psychographic, demographic and geographic characteristics, companies are able to select their audience and create a stronger response rate.  Direct mail marketing can take many forms; postcards, magazines, flyers, addressed ad mail, unaddressed ad mail, business cards and door hangers. Each type of direct mail can be specifically targeted to reach the right audience, and your design needs to be considered for each medium and each message.

The tried and true techniques of direct mail marketing are still in effect, even when using it with a different goal in mind.  Some key items to focus on when using direct mail marketing to drive online traffic are:

  1. Make a compelling offer
    Give your readers a reason to visit your website or social media page. Just telling them to follow you on Twitter, or “like” you on Facebook is not enough. The same way you would offer a special price, discount or promotion in your direct mail piece, offer it through your social media pages or website.
  2. Use personalized copy
    Direct mail marketing offers effective targeting to ensure you’re connecting with the right people. Take advantage of this targeting by creating personalized teasers, offers or headlines to grab your readers’ attention.
  3. Issue a clear call to action
    Make sure your reader understands what action they should take.  If your goal is to have them fill out a survey to receive the offer, make sure you include a clear call to action for that purpose.  Example: “Fill out the survey at to receive your 50% coupon!”For maximum impact and value for your marketing efforts, try these strategies as well:
  1. Build a special landing page
    If your goal is to drive traffic to your Facebook page, you have the ability to create customized landing pages and Facebook tabs for your page. Creating a landing page dedicated to the offer, or communicating with those people who are coming in from your mail efforts will increase professionalism and excitement for your promotion.
    View an example of  Facebook customization here
  2. Push response with a deadline
    Encourage your readers to take action before a certain date. You’re more likely to get an immediate response if your offer is only available for a limited time.
  3. Gather contact information
    As with all marketing efforts, the end goal is to create a database of potential customers to contact in the future. Social networks are continuing to be a great way to expand your marketing efforts with your fans/followers, and creating a sign up to receive your offer can give you access to the email addresses of those who have signed up. Remember to include an opt-in for future marketing efforts, and to create an offer strong enough to encourage readers to sign up to receive it. 


When thinking about using direct mail marketing to promote your website, social media or other online marketing efforts keep in mind that the traditional methods are sometimes still the most effective. Much like when direct mail marketing was the “go-to” method, readers received more junk mail than they did useful information and intriguing offers. Now, compared the amount of junk emails and online ad banners that readers are seeing on a daily basis, your direct mail offer has a better chance of standing out among the rest.


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