People are searching – that’s how they find your website.

SEO is often the difference between success and failure.


Why SEO (search engine optimization)?
Can’t you find your website on the internet?

Most people underrate the importance of search engine optimization. They only realize it’s valued when they see their competitors’ website come up on top in a google, yahoo or Bing search, and their website is nowhere to be seen on the first 4 pages.

Having said that – What good is a website if no one can find it?

Think of your website as a store on a street where people see the sign as they drive by. The traffic on that street is one way of bringing traffic in through the doors.
These days people are doing there searches online to find what they need. To find you they need to be on your street (website) and to get there they need to see it (on the first page of their search results).

SEO is not magic. Search engine optimization takes time and effort.
First, it requires ethical, honest practices and efforts over a period of a few months. Successful SEO requires a fine balance of optimizing your website for your visitors/customers and search engines. If search engines discover you are using unethical practices such as hidden text you will be penalized, and worse-case scenario, removed from the search index.

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